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A cloud-based, full-featured e-learning system

“Our goal with Omniducate was to build the most flexible E-Learning solution, taking the best features from existing solutions and making them manageable through an easy to use interface offering a top-quality end-user experience without imposing a specific design”

NA4 + Clouditinerary

NA4 + Clouditinerary



Manage, edit and publish courses, modules,  episodes and quizzes.

- Assign different proficiency levels.

- Intuitive drag-n-drop interface.

- Collaborative authoring


Course UI elements can be managed through

NimbusLearn studio.

- Course Image

- Course description

- Requirements

- Instructor(s) information

- Etc.

CMS - Articles

Published through NimbusLearn studio

Connected to courses and MOOCs


Design the flow of modules and episodes

Design the visual elements your courses

…even podcasts of your MOOC episodes.

Design Quizzes

Choose from a library of quiz types

Fully API-based





All content is 100% https protected

Secured to the highest AWS standards

Never exposed - No user data nor any proprietary data can be accessed directly

Additional authentication at the API endpoint

User authentication integrated through AWS cognito

Secure CDN (CloudFront) endpoints

Also provides a performance boost at the network edge

All API content is gzipped for added performance




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